The White Ravens

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Zeit für Astronauten

(Time for astronauts)

Mohl, Nils (text)
Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verl., 2016. – 421 p.
(Series: Rowohlt Rotfuchs)
ISBN 978-3-499-21678-7

Journey  | Self-discovery  | Love

White Ravens issue: 2016

Reading age: 14+


Never say that something is hopeless. If you believe in it and bring enough grit, you may just win your lady’s heart, even if she is older than you and amazingly beautiful, and you’re fifteen, have a hearing aid and wear old man clothes. Your efforts may only yield a fleeting kiss on the cheek – but, hey, that could be the beginning of great things. In Nils Mohl’s “Zeit für Astronauten,” the third and final part of a trilogy, one encounters old acquaintances from the earlier novels, “Es war einmal Indianerland” (Once there was Indian Country) and “Stadtrandritter” (Knights of suburbia). There’s someone new at the centre of this story: Kevin Körts alias Commander Körts. He is the boy with the hearing aid – a real genuine fellow with a quick tongue and dogged tenacity. Nils Mohl’s new novel has everything that the author is known for: brilliant writing, complex characters, an elaborate dramaturgy, highs and lows. Love, faith, hope. Mission accomplished.