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Russian / Russia

Ja ne tormoz!

(I am not dopey!)

Daševskaja, Nina (Dashevskaya, Nina) (text)
Moskva: Samokat, 2016. – 157 p.
(Series: Vstrečnoe dviženie)
ISBN 978-5-91759-470-5

Childhood  | Inner world  | City  | Family

White Ravens issue: 2017

Reading age: 10+


For some time, Nina Dashevskaya (b. 1979) has been one of the best-loved Russian children’s book authors. Publishing houses fight over her, and the public and critics adore her. Nearly every one of her books has received accolades – “Ja ne tormoz!” is no exception. In the first-person voice, thirteen-year-old Ignat, a wonderful character, describes his city of Moscow, his school, and family. With him it’s all about tempo, rhythm, beat: riding the escalator in the subway, the houses and trees zipping by when he’s scootering around town. He rarely shares his perceptions and sensations with someone, because Ignat keeps to himself and is introverted. With her great sense of the musicality of language and linguistic rhythm, Nina Dashevskaya portrays an urban childhood as well as today’s challenges for children and families, such as ADHD and an achievement-driven society, hinted at through the prismatic lens of a young person’s perspective.