The White Ravens

A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature

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Arabic / Jordan

Muġamara ăǧiba ġariba

(A fantastic, wondrous adventure)

al-Naǧǧār, Taġrīd (Najjar, Taghreed) (text)
Šama, Šarlot (Shama, Charlotte) (illus.)
Amān: Al-Salwā, 2017. – 75 p.
ISBN 978-9957-04-089-5

Family  | Intergenerational relationship  | Aunt  | Niece  | Tradition  | Handicraft  | Imagination

White Ravens issue: 2017

Reading age: 7+


Whenever Hênd visits her aunt Suheyla, she finds her sitting on her favourite chair with a piece of fabric in her hand that she is embroidering with colourful threads. One day, Hênd asks her aunt whether embroidering ever becomes boring. From that moment on, a wondrous adventure with many imaginative elements begins. The book is carried by the heartfelt dialogues between aunt and niece, interwoven with short stories, keeping readers’ attention to the last page. An accessible and flowing literary language characterize the book, along with soft drawings, whose colours pay homage to the traditional embroidery of Palestine and Jordan. Renowned author Taghreed Najjar, herself hailing from Palestine and living in Jordan, is known for tracing her own traditions in her works and conveying these to the young generation of readers by means of beautiful, entertaining stories.