The White Ravens

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Hungarian / Hungary

Szívlapát. Kortárs versek

(Heart shovel. Contemporary poems)

Péczely, Dóra (ed.)
András, Dániel (illus.)
[Budapest]: Tilos az Á Könyvek, [2017]. – 253 p.
ISBN 978-963-410-289-2

Poetry  | Anthology

White Ravens issue: 2018

Reading age: 14+


When a book is heralded as the most innovative young adult book of 2017, it must have something special to it. And “Szívlapát”, Hungarian IBBY section award-winner, is indeed special! Editor Dóra Péczely and illustrator Dániel András have put together a contemporary poetry collection for adolescents and young adults, which offers an interesting, clear-eyed, and many-voiced view on what life is about these days and what challenges, corners, edges, and surprises it holds. Thematically divided into sections such as “I love you, but this is not a love poem…” or “You are the city, Dad …”, the volume collects 150 poems from 85 poets who are among the most well-known lyrical voices of Hungary, including notables such as Krisztina Tóth (b. 1967) and János Lackfi (b. 1971). The anthology truly beckons: Read more poetry, it’s worth it!