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Jacky Marrone jagt die Goldpfote

(Jacky Marrone hunts the golden paw)

Biermann, Franziska (text/illus.)
München: dtv, [2018]. – 116 p.
ISBN 978-3-423-76230-4

Fox  | Chicken  | Kidnapping  | Detective

Reading age: 7+

White Ravens issue: 2019


Told with incredible sass and illustrated in vivid cartoon-like drawings, “Jacky Marrone jagt die Goldpfote” (Jacky Marrone hunts the golden paw) consists of a firework of witty, whacky ideas, including various allusions to literary motifs, characters, and genre conventions. Jacky the fox, a private eye, is waiting for his first case – and his wait is over soon: an old little lady who introduces herself as Widow Bolte and throws down a wad of bank notes asks Jacky to bring back Aurelia, her golden chicken. Aurelia is very dear to the widow’s heart, and to her household budget, because the golden chicken’s special eggs provide the lady with bread and butter (and a formidable mansion) – which is why the hen is of interest to all sorts of scoundrels. Jacky, both canny and courageous, leaves no stone unturned and employs even the most outlandish tricks of the detective trade to find Aurelia. Will he be successful?