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(City Bear)

Gehrmann, Katja (text/illus.)
Frankfurt am Main: Moritz Verlag, 2019. – 93 p.
(Series: Ein Moritz Kinderbuch)
ISBN 978-3-89565-376-6

Wild animals  | City  | Nature  | Culture

Reading age: 6+

White Ravens issue: 2019


When Bear wakes from hibernation, all the animals have disappeared. What has happened? Where have they gone? Well, they have moved to the city. It seems to be more comfortable there, food just appears in front of you, so to speak, and what’s even better: There are no hunters. Fox, Badger, and Beaver agree on this. And they also agree that Bear won’t be able to live in the city; after all, people are afraid of bears. Nevertheless, Bear still decides to go for a stroll, with floppy hat and shopping bag as his disguise, and gets himself into some precarious situations. Luckily enough, Fox, Badger, and Beaver are sharp as tacks, and so everything ends well. In this intelligent and witty children’s novel, Katja Gehrmann leaves subtle trails in text and pictures, thus creating several Eureka moments for both people and animals. In passing, she also touches upon the ambivalent relationship between these two groups, as well as the related issue of “nature vs. culture”.