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Šedík a Bubi

(Šedík and Bubi)

Stará, Ester (text)
Starý, Milan (illus.)
Praha: Euromedia, 2018. – 89 p.
(Series: Pikola)
ISBN 978-80-7549-597-6

Friendship  | Game  | Fun  | Consolation  | Dyslexia

Reading age: 5+

White Ravens issue: 2019


Ester Stará and Milan Starý are a Czech super-duo for picture books and illustrated children’s stories. In “Šedík and Bubi”, they tell a story by closely pairing text and image and by using many tricks to make reading easier. Colourful text-shading, for instance, segments words and sentences to support readers with dyslexia. Speech bubbles and comic strips create a light-hearted backdrop for the charming story about Šedík, a tom kitten, and Bubi, a pink bobble hat. The two become close friends and keep Šedík’s siblings and everyone else on their toes. They have a lot of fun, but also console each other, because Bubi has no owner, and Šedík doesn’t know where his mother is. Naturally, Bubi finds a fitting head by the end of the book, and Šedík finds his Mama. The story was awarded the Golden Ribbon Award in the Czech Republic.