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Hungarian / Hungary

Csücsök avagy. A nagy pudinghajsza, hajmeresztő és igaz története, tíz fejezetben elmesélve

(Croissant, or the true and hair-raising story of the big pudding chase in ten chapters)

Keresztesi, József (text)
Horváth, Ildi (illus.)
[Budapest]: Móra, [2018]. – 94 p.
ISBN 978-963-486-042-6

Love  | Adventure  | Nonsense  | Verse novel

Reading age: 8+

White Ravens issue: 2019


Among the publications in Hungarian children’s literature in 2018, this book is an absolute must-read. József Keresztesi (b. 1970) has created a nonsense story in the form of a poem or verse novel about a host of tasty delights – all manner of puddings, chocolate waffles, sugary baked goods. The desserts have distinct personalities and character traits that clash a decent amount. Brave croissant Csücsök attempts to chivalrously save his love Princess Mignon, who has been kidnapped by a terrible blood pudding. Playfully, wittily, and with numerous allusions to great literary romances, József Keresztesi sets his croissant hero on a strange, adventure-filled quest, which will delight children as well as adults who have a taste for incisive poetic stylings and artful wordplay.