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Sova, jaka chotila staty žajvoronkom

(Sova, yaka khotila staty zhayvoronkom)

(The owl who wanted to become a lark)

Vdovyčenko, Halyna (Vdovychenko, Halyna) (text)
Lukaščuk, Chrystyna (Lukashchuk, Khrystyna) (illus.)
Černivci: Čorni vivci (Chorny Vivci), [2017]. – [48] p.
ISBN 978-617-614-164-8

Reading age: 3+

White Ravens issue: 2019


Lark raves to her friend Owl about how great it is to fly around during the day, to enjoy the sun and to sing with the other birds. Owl thinks: I want to do that, too! But after quitting her nocturnal life, she soon realizes that her new circumstances are too loud, too bright and too lively. Not to mention that she sees poorly by day and can’t catch a thing to eat. In the end it makes good sense that Owl is active at night, and Lark by day. They stay friends nonetheless!
Halyna Vdovychenko (b. 1959) is a busy, very successful author, especially cherished for her children’s books about an agile cat troupe. With Khrystyna Lukashchuk (b. 1972), she describes in “Sova” how friends can be very different from each other and each great in their own way, just as they are. The book is published by Chorny Vivci Press and was awarded in 2018.