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Eternité. Demain, tous immortels?

(Eternity. Will we be immortal tomorrow?)

Nessmann, Philippe (text)
Dupond, Léonard (illus.)
Paris: De la Martinière Jeunesse, [2018]. – 88 p.
ISBN 978-2-7324-8742-7

Time  | Age  | Life  | Death  | Immortality  | Eternity  | Time measurement  | Future  | Non-fiction

Reading age: 9+

White Ravens issue: 2019


For millennia, human beings have dreamt of immortality. Is the fulfilment of that dream now close at hand? Will new discoveries and techniques lead to eternal, paradisiacal circumstances or rather to the amplification of human shortcomings and a never-ending “hell on Earth”? What does life mean, and how does it relate to death? What is the meaning of morality in the lives of all creatures? Which fears and illusions hide behind our longing for immortality, expressed by all peoples across all cultures? Well-known science journalist Philippe Nessmann teams up with illustrator Leonard Dupond to create an exceptionally well-made work on the topic of “eternity”, which stands as an exemplar for the outstanding non-fiction book tradition of De la Martinière Press. This book is a timely interdisciplinary invitation to pre-teens, young adults, and adults to unflinchingly consider questions of life and death.