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Como tú. 20 relatos + 20 ilustraciones por la igualdad

(Like you. 20 stories + 20 illustrations for equality)

Marías, Fernando (ed.)
Various authors (text)
Various artists (illus.)
Madrid: Anaya, 2019. – 170 p.
ISBN 978-84-698-3527-2

Equality  | Gender justice  | Gender relations  | Gender role  | Short story

Reading age: 14+

White Ravens issue: 2019


The title of this volume is unambiguous: It is about equality (and thus also about inequality) between the sexes. Author Fernando Marías, the editor of this socially-engaged publishing project, brings together a remarkable breadth of literary voices and illustration styles. 20 authors and 20 illustrators have collaborated on this book, including well-known names in Spanish young adult literature, such as Care Santos, David Lozano, Maite Carranza, and Gonzalo Moure. Most of the contributions are short stories, but there are also poems, a text composed entirely of text messages, and a play. They concern gender roles, love, violence, dependence, lack of communication, and much more. Whether gentle, reflexive, explicit, or appellative, the texts are well-suited for reading on one’s own or in conversational exchange with others. The literary variety is complemented by the multifaceted illustrations, which get at the heart of each story.