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Hungarian / Hungary

Pimpáré és Vakvarjúcska

(Pimpáré and Crow)

Erdős, Virág (text)
Filó, Vera (illus.)
Budapest: Móra, 2012. – 101 p.
ISBN 978-963-11-9160-8

Courtship  | Enchantment  | Fairy tale

Reading age: 5+

White Ravens issue: 2013


A king and queen are pressuring their daughter to marry because the kingdom is broke. Only marriage to a rich prince can fill the treasure vaults again. The princess tolerates but is annoyed by her suitors and cannot decide on any of them. Suddenly the sky turns black, and the king of crows and his son kidnap the princess. The crow boy asks for the hand of the princess, and he passes all the trials subsequently foist upon him. At the very end it turns out that he is the enchanted son of a king, and he regains human form through the love of the princess. In this wittily designed book, the fairy tale is told in verse and dialogue form, which is unusual for the genre. The black-and-white, partially coloured illustrations accompany the text, and are both elucidative and expressive.