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Lennis Welt. Entdecke erste Bilder und Wörter

(Lenni’s world. Discover first pictures and words)

Raab, Ann Cathrin (text/illus.)
Stuttgart [et al.]: Thienemann, 2012. – [18] p.
ISBN 978-3-522-43693-9

Language  | Vocabulary  | Non-fiction  | Picture book

Reading age: 2+

White Ravens issue: 2013


In this follow-up to “Lenni mag blau” (Lenni likes blue), little white mouse Lenni now discovers “first pictures and words” in the kitchen, at the playground, or at the birthday party. On each double spread, rooms or events form the background for the semantic field that Ann Cathrin Raab presents. She mostly draws items in full-frontal view. The single elements are either silhouetted – e.g. the slide and the tea towel – or put in larger groups – such as items on the birthday party table. Each page is accompanied by a suggestive exclamation or question that is directed towards Lenni but at the same time addresses the reader: “Your breakfast looks yummy. Enjoy, Lenni.” Therefore, the pictures invite readers to observe, discover, and talk.