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(Colour switcher)

Viana, Gonçalo (text/illus.)
Lisboa: Orfeu Negro, 2019. – [38] p.
(Series: Orfeu mini)
ISBN 978-989-8868-67-1

Colour  | Imitation  | Storytelling  | Picture book

White Ravens issue: 2020

Reading age: 4+


“There once were two friends, an orange-coloured dog, a yellow kite and a… white tree?” Wait a minute! Something’s off. One had best return the book or start it over again: “There once were…” But even the second attempt at starting the story will flounder. Now a cloud is – wait for it! – green. The illustrator is no doubt inept… unless a colour switcher is perhaps involved? This is probably the case since things don’t get any better – in the end, a purple dog and a lime-green sun enter the scene. Gonçalo Viana lights a firework of bright colours and expressive forms, odd characters and looniness in this picture book. “Troca-Tintas” taps into the pure joy and fun involved when we play with the imagination and language and delight in spontaneous story invention. A book entirely without meaning that explores the art of thinking and colouring the world just as it pops into one’s head. [JW]