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Ciencia para pasar el invierno

(Science for getting through the winter)

Edelsztein, Valeria (text)
Reboursin, Javier (illus.)
Buenos Aires: Iamiqué, 2016. – 47 p.
(Series: Ciencia todo el año)
ISBN 978-987-1217-89-2

Winter  | Cold  | Seasons  | Non-fiction

Reading age: 8+

White Ravens issue: 2016


For years, Ediciones Iamiqué has been bringing original treasures to the field of children’s non-fiction books. Never treading well-worn paths, this new series “Ciencia todo el año” (Science the whole year through) is another winner. As the title suggests this volume is about winter. That said, readers’ expectations are thrown a snowy curveball; the topics covered are so diverse, yet somehow each has at least something to do with the cold season. Proceeding by way of association rather than strict order, questions and topics are strung together on double-sided chapters. What is temperature? How do we sense the cold? Trivial matters, too – goose bumps, red noses, green bogeys – find their place alongside wintery issues like hoarfrost, snowflake structure, hibernation and how one walks on snow. The texts are short, rich and entertaining, the colourful illustrations are descriptive and funny. This is an informative book for leafing-through, marvelling over and reading together.