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Wild. Sie hören dich denken

(Wild. They can hear you think)

Blix, Ella (text)
Würzburg: Arena, 2020. – 372 p.
ISBN 978-3-401-60510-4

Forest  | Nature  | Animals  | Transformation  | Metamorphosis

Reading age: 12+

White Ravens issue: 2021


Where is the line separating humans from animals? Is it fixed? Or fluid? Are humans more animal than they care to admit? And do animals have human traits? These are some of the questions that this novel revolves around. In the lonely forest camp “Feel Nature”, city kids Noomi, Flix, Olympe, and Ryan are doing community service. The counselors treat them harshly, the work is exhausting; and on top of it all, increasingly strange things start happening. It seems as if the animals of the forest are trying to communicate with the teens to let them in on a secret. Ella Blix – the pen name of author duo Antje Wagner and Tania Witte – create a gripping story. The book presents the voices of the four very different camp participants, as well as that of a mysterious figure X. Together, these voices create a suggestive, fast-paced, wacky, but coherent plot. The way in which “Wild” uses the relationship between humans and animals to illuminate a current topic, without being an explicitly one-dimensional Covid novel, seems almost clairvoyant-like. [IG]