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Hey, hey, hey, Taxi!

Stanišić, Saša (text)
Spitzer, Katja (illus.)
Hamburg: mairisch Verlag, 2021. – 98 p.
ISBN 978-3-948722-05-0

Imagination  | Storytelling  | Short story

Reading age: 3+

White Ravens issue: 2021


Get into a taxi, start talking, and make the acquaintance of ... a sad giraffe with a short neck, a Riesling (i.e. a very small giant) or a taxi driver who says nothing but “Odjo-odjo”; how convenient, because “Odjo-odjo” is also his name. At times, the taxi passenger rides to the harbor, where pirate ships drop anchor; another time, the taxi zooms straight to the Middle Ages, and after that, it zips through a city of metal. Too metallic? Well, the following ride takes the taxi through a city of vegetable traffic lights! Saša Stanišić’s short stories are delightfully quirky and anarchic – just like Katja Spitzer’s colourful, bubbling pictures. Without a doubt: little ones will laugh themselves silly when they hear the crazy stories from “Hey, hey, hey, Taxi!” And they will certainly want to invent their own taxi stories. Maybe stories featuring auratic ants or five-legged fly-fish? Why not – anything is possible! [IG]