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Spanish / Colombia

El zorro Chuleta

(The fox named Chop)

Undurraga, Sol (text/illus.)
Bogotá: Cataplum Libros, 2020. – [46] p.
ISBN 978-958-52412-6-8

Fox  | Vegetarianism  | Self-realisation  | Diversity  | Tolerance  | Respect  | Picture book

Reading age: 4+

White Ravens issue: 2021


Life isn’t easy for a vegetarian fox, especially if you’re named Chuleta (Chop) and your favourite food is watermelon. Even though Chuleta wouldn’t hurt a fly, the rabbits eye him warily. So he heads out in search of the paradisiacal “Valley of Vegetarians”, where the most marvellous parties supposedly happen. When he finds the utopian place, Chuleta is anxious about being let in and constructs elaborate costumes to mask that he’s a fox. Even fantastically dressed as a watermelon, though, he’s quickly identified. Fortunately, Chuleta had gone to needless lengths, because everyone is welcome on the raft of the animals in the Valley of Vegetarians. This picture book inspires a happy mood. The text is witty, on-point, and wonderfully visualized by multicoloured illustrations. In particular, the sumptuous celebration at which everyone does what makes them happy, is a turbulent, cheerful enactment of the motto “live and let live”. [JW]