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Slovenian / Slovenia

Nepozabne. Ženske, ki so premikale meje našega sveta

(Unforgotten. Women who have shifted the boundaries of our world)

Tašner, Veronika (idea)
Ugrinović, Ana (ed.)
Various authors (text)
Various artists (illus.)
Ljubljana: Mladinska Knjiga, 2020. – 240 p.
ISBN 978-961-01-5772-4

Slovenia  | History 19th - 20th century  | Woman  | Historical person  | Biography  | Non-fiction

Reading age: 13+

White Ravens issue: 2021


The cover of this book was cause for some debate in Slovenia: just before publication the original version was withdrawn, and the book appeared in a modified version. But even without a bicycle as a symbol for female emancipation on the cover, the book’s content radiates with 50 short biographies of important Slovenian women. Twenty authors and ten prominent illustrators bring back into the spotlight the lives of notable women who lived in the 19th and 20th centuries, depicting the fascinating and often complicated paths their lives took. Readers will encounter lawyers, scientists, artists, politicians, teachers, and nurses whose life stories were often marked by rebellion, perseverance, and determined advancement. Even though the courses of their lives may resemble one another at one juncture or another, these portraits depict very individual paths, which, in turn have inspired the lives of many others. [KW]