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Spanish / Chile

Siento el viento

(I feel the wind)

González, Gracia (text/illus.)
Santiago: Amanuta, 2022. – [18] p.
(Series: Colección Sin Límites)
ISBN 978-956-364-267-4

Wind  | Colour  | Blue  | Poetry  | Picture book  | Cardboard book  | Pop-up book

Reading age: 3+

White Ravens issue: 2022


»Siento el viento« and »Rayo de luz« (Light ray) are two remarkable cardboard books created by the graphic arts student Gracia González during her studies. Their appeal lies in the simplicity and clarity of the design, in the high-quality production, as well as in the way the books approach their themes – the wind, the sun – and convey them visually, haptically, and textually. The stable pages of »Siento el viento« are done up in white and various tones of blue. The colour areas are monochromatic, the shapes simple, the design minimalistic. Some of the flaps open to form a larger billow of clouds; one element that can be removed might be a paper kite or a leaf dancing in the wind. Cut-out holes of different sizes invite the reader to take a peep or give a puff, sparking the imagination due to the absence of instructions. It is unusual for a cardboard book for the very young to contain rhymed texts. In just a few verses, a lyrical first-person speaker talks about hearing the wind and sensing how it blows or gusts or gently caresses. [JW]