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Spanish / Peru

Otra cosa

(Another thing)

Adaui, Katya (text)
Codoni, Cecilia (illus.)
Lima: Mónimo, 2022. – [36] p.
ISBN 978-612-48566-4-8

Curiosity  | Imagination  | Creativity  | Handicraft work  | Recycling  | Picture book

Reading age: 5+

White Ravens issue: 2023


»This child was born with a screwdriver in her hand«. Her mother’s statement aptly captures the great passion of the protagonist of this book. After school is out, her favourite pastime is to take her toys apart and find out what’s inside: cotton stuffing or sand, air or even nothing. She collects absolutely everything: broken objects and devices, coloured wire, odds and ends of all kinds and much more, all piled up in a heap. Apparently superfluous and no longer of any use, for the young girl these are a source of much pleasure. She lets her imagination fly, as her father says, and brings them back to life, creating things new and different, among them a curious vehicle out of tin, cardboard, lamps… What might it be, what name should it have? Katya Adaui and Cecilia Cordoni’s picture book praises the joys of unfettered play and the boundless inventiveness of children. The pictures, in tones of red and blue, humorously capture the creative chaos. [JW]