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¡Qué orejas tan curiosas tienes! Ciencia para oírte mejor

(What amazing ears you have! Science for hearing yourself better)

Vetere, Paola (text)
Carnevale, Romina (text)
Trach, Martina (illus.)
Buenos Aires: Ediciones iamiqué, 2023. – 47 p.
(Series: Tiene sentido)
ISBN 978-987-4444-55-4

Hearing  | Ear  | Non-fiction

Reading age: 8+

White Ravens issue: 2023


For more than twenty years, Ediciones iamiqué has consistently offered a program devoted exclusively to information books and repeatedly come up with new titles and series revolving around topics that are seldom found in the children’s book market. The latest title of the series »Tiene sentido« (It makes sense) deals with the sense of hearing and the auditory organs. In typical iamiqué style, fundamental facts needed to understand the subject matter are presented compactly and vividly. At the same time, the book offers a wealth of information of different kinds and delightful digressions into the world of humans and animals, thus conveying a wide spectrum of knowledge in an entertaining manner. Do we only hear with our ears? What is an echo? Can you hear under water? These are a few of the questions that are answered. But the authors also deal with how the auditory sense changes with age, or with damage caused by noise. Richly furnished with colour illustrations, the book is instructive, curiosity-arousing, and simply fun. [JW]