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La nota

(The memo)

Serrano Burgos, Pilar (text)
Montero Galán, Daniel (illus.)
[Pontevedra]: Kalandraka, [2022]. – [40] p.
ISBN 978-84-1343-137-6

Memo  | Communication  | Coincidence  | Cycle  | Leporello  | Reversible book  | Picture book

Reading age: 4+

White Ravens issue: 2023


The centerpiece of this cleverly designed picture book is a memo that covers a remarkable distance in just a single day. Stashed away one morning in a young girl’s schoolbag, it is passed around, forwarded, thrown, or glued, many times over. Among other places, it lands in a pushchair, on a lantern post, in a doctor’s surgery, on the tip of a nose until, finally, quite coincidentally, it ends up where it had started. And what was written on this note? An encouraging message, which the reader will learn only at the end of the book. Nearly four metres long, »La nota« is a leporello and a reversible book all at once. This attractive format is superbly suited to the circular structure of the story, making it an entertaining and playful read. In addition, the book can also be unfolded into a large poster, on the reverse side of which the various characters in the story are presented in more detail. This very pleasurable book animates children to read and look at it over and over again. [JW]