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Frosja Korovina

Vostokov, Stanislav (text)
Voroncova, Marija (Voroncova, Mariya) (illus.)
Moskva: Klever-Media-Grupp, 2014. – 110 p.
(Series: Sovremennye rossijskie pisateli – detjam)
ISBN 978-5-91982-403-9

Village  | Community  | Rural life  | Idyll  | Zest for life

Reading age: 9+

White Ravens issue: 2015


This book’s manuscript received 2nd place for the 2013 “Kniguru” prize, which is awarded by a jury of children and adolescents. Since then, the book’s anecdotal stories about the clever girl Frosja and her life in a village in the Russian North have been printed by Klever publishing and will appear in Finland in 2015. Since Frosja’s parents are constantly on tour, the girl lives with her grandma in a traditional wooden farmhouse. All the stories in the book ultimately unfold in and around this house, especially those involving the director of an outdoor museum moving the house away to build it back up in the museum. With his usual tongue-in-cheek style and highly prized verbal wit, Stanislav Vostokov, one of the best Russian children’s storytellers around today, here weaves a tale of idyllic rural life, spiced with eccentric personalities, such as the happy town drunk Nikanor, the helpful caffeine-addicted bear Gerasim and Frosja Korovina, the clever little heroine.