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Løes, Synne Sun (text)
Oslo: Aschehoug, [2017]. – 322 p.
ISBN 978-82-03-26241-8

Overweight  | Outsider  | Norm  | Differentness

Reading age: 14+

White Ravens issue: 2017


“I am looking for unconventional people, special people.” That’s what author Synne Sun Løes said in an interview a while ago. The protagonist of her novel “Miss” is such a special person: Ea is contrary, lazy, and fat; yet she isn’t a loser. She simply doesn’t want to conform to the others’ expectations of her: to be thin, nice, and efficient. Ea’s parents try their best to push her into these moulds and make her “fit for society”. Yet they themselves are the best examples of what happens when you only live to keep up the façade (her mother) or when you run a mega-marathon trying to evade all communication (her father). Security, closeness, and sympathy are in short supply in this family. Therefore, it is not surprising that Ea, despite all her stubbornness, is racked by self-doubt. This novel offers insights into the ambivalent emotional state of a girl whose rebellious differentness is also a strategy for coping with her fears.