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Rostogol merge acasă

(Rostogol goes home)

Braniște, Lavinia (text)
Măceşanu, Andrei (illus.)
Bucureşti: Editura Arthur, [2016]. – 110 p.
ISBN 978-606-788-044-1

Stork  | Offspring  | Delivery  | Pig

Reading age: 7+

White Ravens issue: 2017


The stork brings everyone their babies, that much is certain. But even the stork – in this case stork lady Flavia –must eventually retire. She has one last transport to deliver: Piglet Rostogol must get to his future family. Things are not so simple, though, because the piglet is afraid of heights, is fat, and hence must be rolled to his destination by Ms. Flavia. The fox and the raven are casting a watchful eye, too. In her fast-paced, humorous story about animal community, Lavinia Braniște (b. 1983) also examines typical human fears, wishes and behaviours. Following highly praised short stories, poetry, and a debut novel (2016), “Rostogol merge acasă” is her first children’s book. The manuscript won the 2014 Prize from Arthur Press, which intends to encourage new Romanian children’s literature. In her homeland, Lavinia Braniște is among the most promising new literary voices.