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Vor den 7 Bergen. Davon, wie Schneewittchens Enkel in die Berge wollen und alles schiefgeht

(At the foot of the 7 mountains. How Snow White’s grandchildren wanted to go into the mountains and how everything went wrong)

Feldmann, Annette (text)
Engelke, Mareike (illus.)
Mannheim: Kunstanstifter, 2017. – [36] p.
ISBN 978-3-942795-48-7

Rain  | Journey  | Picture book

Reading age: 4+

White Ravens issue: 2017


Rain is a pain, especially when it never stops. No wonder that Ali, Uli, Paula, Lola, Hanno, Fritzi, and Baby are fed up. They decide to visit their grandma in the mountains where it never rains, but it snows. Just quickly tell Mum about their plans and off they are. Theoretically! Unfortunately, chicken pox have them all stay in bed instead of sledding down the hills. Well, there’s always another time. Yet again something spoils their plans. You’ve got to be kidding! A little later, a last attempt, but again…. Yet rescue is on its way, and Bo the ice cream man eventually manages to cart seven children and one mother to snowy regions. The author-illustrator duo tell a turbulent story that contains a little bit of fairy tale and a lot of everyday life. Even parents who do not have seven children know all too well that plans are constantly thwarted. Mareike Engelke’s perky lines aptly present the hustle and bustle, while Annette Feldmann comments on it in both a true-to-life and politically incorrect way.