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Me tus zōgraphus tēs Pinakothēkēs Aberōph

(With the painters of the Averoff Museum)

Ntekastro, Mariza (Dekastro, Mariza) (text)
Athēna: Idryma Euangelu Aberōph-Tositsa (Evangelos Averoff Foundation), 2016. – 51 p.
ISBN 978-960-7694-24-9

Greece  | Painting  | History 19th - 20th century  | Non-fiction

Reading age: 9+

White Ravens issue: 2017


Mariza Dekastro is a highly decorated author, whose broad subject knowledge, consistency, and authenticity in the domain of non-fiction books are outstanding. The present title is an exceptional museum guide for children and young adults that explores the important collection of the Averoff Museum. Twenty representative works of Greek artists of the 19th and 20th centuries are presented and interpreted for children. Information concerning the techniques and subjects are interwoven with a little story. In this way, the readers’ interest is captured in an imaginative and poetic way. Young readers are invited to creatively explore the artworks and thus build knowledge, develop aesthetic judgment and increase their interest in reading. At the end of each page, the respective artist is presented with a photo, accompanied by an informative text about his/her life and work. This book was awarded the IBBY Greece Prize in 2017.