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English / Australia

Somewhere else

Gordon, Gus (text/illus.)
[Melbourne, Vic.]: Penguin / Viking, 2016. – [32] p.
ISBN 978-0-670-07885-1

Duck  | Travelling  | Flight  | Picture book

Reading age: 4+

White Ravens issue: 2017


When master-baker George’s fellow feathered friends go travelling, he does not explain why he chooses not to accompany them, stating instead how much he likes staying home better than going “anywhere somewhere else.” Eventually, he confesses that he is unable to fly and regrets having never learned. But after some ingenious scheming with Pascal the bear, the two set off on world-wide adventures. After months of travelling, George realises that he misses baking at home. Collaged illustrations effectively use materials from a variety of sources: photographs, catalogue advertisements from earlier eras, and printed papers with an array of textures. These materials are expertly intermingled with original drawings and embedded within engaging compositions. This charmingly illustrated book also sustains reader attention through story, as Gordon shows readers that through persistence and help from friends, dreams are achievable; and that after having adventures “somewhere else”, coming home can feel pretty wonderful too.