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Spanish / Colombia

Corazón de león

(Lion heart)

Ungar, Antonio (text)
Guevara, Santiago (illus.)
Bogotá: Babel Libros, 2016. – [42] p.
(Series: Frontera ilustrada)
ISBN 978-958-8954-09-7

Orderliness  | Compulsion  | Courage  | Freedom

Reading age: 8+

White Ravens issue: 2017


“Ordenadito” – the orderly one – is what the other children call this story’s protagonist. Even if the boy cannot himself explain his nickname, it is not unfounded. He’s compulsively driven to organize everything in his life, for example by setting up his coloured pencils in right angles on the table or spooning up the alphabet noodles in his soup in a particular order. A trip to the countryside proves liberating: he there encounters resolute, impetuous Irina as well as a circus lion. This experience with the imposing animal makes life easier for the boy and allows him to fly away. The short, well-crafted story by noted Colombian author Antonio Ungar is here published in the attractively designed book series “Frontera ilustrada”. Ungar’s text and the lively pictures by young illustrator Santiago Guevara are separated. The text, which forms the middle part of the book, is framed by double-page black-and-white drawings with orange highlights.